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When your washer starts acting up or breaks down completely, it is a total hassle. Don’t waste your time at a laundromat while you wait for washer repair Minneapolis service. Call D&T! We provide fast, reliable washing machine repair in Minneapolis.

Our Minneapolis technicians are highly trained and fully equipped to service all the most common washing machine malfunctions. Whether your washer won’t clean clothes or is stuck full of water that won’t drain, we have the solution. We participate in continuing education to stay abreast of the newest laundry technology, so you get the highest-quality service from D&T every time.

Why choose D&T Appliance Service for all your washing machine repair Minneapolis needs? We offer a great Parts & Labor Warranty on all completed repairs. This, along with our friendly, knowledgeable staff make us the best washer service company in Minneapolis, Hopkins, and the Metro area!

Whether you need washer repair in Minneapolis today, or you just want to have someone in mind when things do go awry, we’re ready to help. Call our office at (952) 934-5522 or request service online. Our customer service agents and appliance repair techs are ready to serve you!

Washer Brands We Repair

D&T Appliance Service repairs a huge list of laundry appliance brands. We service many major and high-end manufacturers, including Bosch, Frigidaire, GE, and more. We also service additional washer brands, such as Whirlpool, Maytag,  and others. Learn more about appliance brands we service.

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We Repair Common Washer Problems in Minneapolis-Saint Paul

We understand that searching for a company that provides reliable washer repair in Minneapolis can be a headache.

We’re glad you’ve found us, and we promise to make your experience with D&T Appliance Service an easy one! For your convenience, we service most major brands. From LG Washer Repair to Whirlpool Washer Repair, our technicians can handle most repair problems fast.

Our Minneapolis-Saint Paul washing machine repair can get your appliance back up and running fast. We have years of experience repairing all the most common laundry appliance breakdowns, as well as some not-so-common ones. Whether you have a top load washer, front load washer, high-efficiency washer, or even a stacked washer dryer, we can fix it!

  • Washer won’t spin
  • Washer won’t start
  • Washer won’t agitate
  • Washer doesn’t fill with water
  • Washer making loud noise
  • Washer won’t drain
  • Washer shakes/vibrates
  • Washer smells bad
  • Washer door lock error

Expert Washer Advice

Opening your washer to find a submerged pile of laundry is certainly annoying. Our Minneapolis washer repair experts can quickly figure out why your washer isn’t draining. We keep our service vehicles fully stocked with common washer repair parts so you don’t have to wait weeks to have your washing machine repair done.

washer repair minneapolis

A washer not draining often is due to:

  • washer drain pump obstruction
  • washer pump hose clogged
  • washer lid switch assembly failure
  • washer door lock defective
  • washer coin trap clogged

When your washer won’t spin, your clothes will come out soaking wet every time. That just means more time in the dryer, which is completely inefficient. Just call D&T for fast Minneapolis washer repair when your washing machine isn’t spinning. We’ll diagnose the problem, review the repair with you, and fix the washer for you.

Minneapolis washer repair

If your washer stops spinning properly, it could be due to one of the following:

  • washer lid switch assembly failure
  • washer motor coupling error
  • washer drive belt broken
  • washer door latch defective
  • washer door lock won’t lock

Some appliance issues aren’t always noticeable right away, but when your washer won’t start at all, at least you know there’s a problem. That doesn’t help with the fact that you need clean clothes though, so the best decision you can make is to call for professional washer repair Minneapolis service right away.

washing machine repair

The problem most likely comes down to:

  • washer line fuse blown
  • washer timer defective
  • washer door lock error
  • washer thermal fuse blown
  • washer control board failure

Washing machines may not be the quietest appliances to begin with, but you know what yours should normally sound like. That’s why when you start to notice a new scraping, rubbing, or vibrating sound during a cycle, you need to find the problem before it gets any worse.

Minneapolis washer service

The most common causes for a loud washer include:

  • washer tub bearing defective
  • washer tub seal worn out
  • washer drive pulley broken
  • washer motor coupling failure
  • washer drive motor worn out

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