Electrolux washer leaking

How to Troubleshoot an Electrolux Front Load Washer Leaking Water

While front load washers offer superior cleaning power and efficiency compared to their top-loading counterparts, messy leaks are a common disadvantage. Why is my Electrolux front load washer leaking water? Too much detergent can result in oversudsing that prevents draining, causing leaks. Learn how to stop an Electrolux washer leaking water with these troubleshooting tips.

Electrolux Front Load Washer Leaking Water?
Here’s How to Stop and Prevent Leaks.

As inconvenient as they can be, most leaks are fixed with a straightforward solution and prevented with proper use and care. The following guide details how to stop an Electrolux front load washer leaking water at several common sources and prevent their return.

Electrolux Washer Leaking from Door

The rubber seal around the washer’s door prevents leaks by forming a tight seal when the door is closed. However, if the seal becomes loose, dirty or damaged, water can leak from the door during a wash cycle. Overloading the machine also increases the chance that an item will become trapped between the gasket and the door, causing leaks.

Follow these tips when you find your washing machine leaking from the front door:

  • Avoid overloading: Only fill the washer tub ¾ of the way full to prevent items from becoming trapped.
  • Clean the door seal regularly: To prevent a buildup of mold and mildew that compromises the seal, clean it regularly with a clean cloth and warm, soapy water.
  • Assess for damage: Check the seal for cracks, holes or loosening that can allow water to pass through. A damaged seal must be replaced.

Washing Machine Leaking from Back

If you find your washer leaking from the back it usually indicates an issue with the drain or water inlet hoses. Connection points are common locations for hose leaks. Make sure each hose is securely connected to the drain pipe stand or water source. Also, check your user manual to make sure each hose is properly installed.

Lastly, look for holes or cracks that can result in an Electrolux front load washer leaking water from its hoses. While a damaged hose must be replaced, damage can be prevented by moving the washer away from the wall. This keeps the hoses from rubbing against the wall during operation and incurring leaks.

Electrolux front load washer leaking
Image from Repair Clinic

Washer Leaking From Bottom

Why is water leaking from the bottom of my washing machine? Too much detergent can cause an excess of suds and residue that prevents proper draining. If your washer isn’t draining properly, water often backs up and leaks from the bottom of the machine.

To prevent oversudsing, always refer to the package instructions when adding detergent and measure accurately to avoid using too much. Failure to use HE detergent in a front load washer can also result in excessive suds that cause leaks. Always use HE detergent that’s specially formulated for front-loading machines.

Electrolux Front Load Washer Leaking from Soap Dispenser

Is your washing machine leaking soapy water from the dispenser? Using too much detergent can also result in a buildup of suds and residue at this location. When adding detergent to the dispenser, make sure it doesn’t surpass the fill line. Regularly remove the dispenser drawer and wipe it down to remove residue that can cause leaks. 

Tips to Prevent Washing Machine Leaks

Regular maintenance and proper use and care can go a long way in avoiding washer leaks.

Use the following tips to prevent an Electrolux front load washer leaking water:

  • Clean your washer regularly: Wipe down the gasket and detergent drawer on a monthly basis to avoid buildup. Run a monthly tub clean cycle to prevent an overgrowth of mold and mildew.
washing machine leaking from the front
  • Avoid overloading: Too many clothes in each load can impede draining and compromise the gasket. Only fill the washer ¾ of the way with each wash load.
  • Always use HE detergent in an HE machine: This prevents oversudsing that can impede draining and cause leaks.

Is your washer still leaking despite these troubleshooting tips? The professionals at D&T Appliance Service can help. We provide a variety of Electrolux washer repair services to solve any problem!

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