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Laundry is the one chore that requires two working appliances, and if your dryer stops working, the job is only half-done. Instead of hanging up your wet clothes on lines to dry or lugging your items to the laundromat, you need dryer repair Minneapolis service from a company you can trust.

D&T Appliance Service provides the fastest, most affordable local dryer service for all major brands and configurations including gas, electric, stacked, and high-efficiency models. Our expert technicians can fix any break, fault, or malfunction quickly and to the highest possible standards. We keep our service vehicles stocked with common replacement parts and stay up-to-date on all the latest laundry appliance technology to serve you better.

No matter if your Whirlpool gas dryer won’t start or your LG high-efficiency dryer takes too long to dry, we can take care of it fast. Don’t trust your in-home dryer repair service to any other company when you can choose the most trusted servicer in the greater Minneapolis, St Paul, Eden Prairie, and Hopkins MN area. Call now and get back into clean clothes today!

Dryer Brands We Service

Most appliance repair companies only work on a handful of brands, but not us! D&T Appliance Service provides dryer repair Minneapolis service for all major and high-end brands. We’re even Factory Authorized by world-class manufacturers like GE, Bosh, Frigidaire, and more. Find out about all of the brands we service now, including:

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We Service All Dryer Repair Issues in Minneapolis-Saint Paul

Searching for the right dryer repair Minneapolis service company is never a fun process.

There are certain questions that need to be asked before you hire anyone. Are they reputable? Do they service my dryer brand or model? Can they fix this kind of breakdown?

The good news is, you’ve already found a company that can say yes to all of these important questions! Our reputation throughout the St Paul Metro, Minneapolis, and Hopkins area is impeccable, and our seasoned technicians work on all brands, all models, and can handle any dryer failure with ease. So, why choose anyone else for your dryer repair Minneapolis service?

  • Dryer not heating
  • Dryer won’t start
  • Dryer won’t stop
  • Dryer overheating
  • Dryer takes too long
  • Dryer stopped spinning
  • Dryer vent clogged
  • Dryer tripping breaker
  • Dryer making noise

Regardless of whether you need dryer repair in Minneapolis today, or if you just need to know who to call when trouble strikes, we’re here for you.

Give our friendly customer support team a call at (952) 934-5522 or schedule service online. We’re standing by and ready to help turn your bad day back around!

Expert Dryer Advice

It’s one thing for your dryer to stop heating, but if it heats too much, it can become dangerous if left unchecked. Clothes can be ruined is they get cooked in an overheated dryer, and any buildup of lint in the trap or vents can ignite more easily than normal.

dryer repair Minneapolis

If you start to notice an overheating issue, let one of our technicians check for one of these failures:

  • dryer element malfunction
  • dryer air flow restricted
  • dryer cycling thermostat broken
  • dryer felt seal worn out

Whether your dryer takes too long to dry clothes or your dryer won’t heat at all, we can help. Our Minneapolis dryer repair technicians have extensive experience repairing broken dryers. Call us today to schedule dryer repair service in your area.

Minneapolis dryer repair

Our techs can diagnose the problem, which is usually due to one of these errors:

  • dryer thermal fuse blown
  • dryer gas valve solenoid failure
  • dryer igniter not working
  • dryer heating element burned out

One of the biggest complaints we hear from customers is, “My dryer won’t stop squeaking!” That noisy dryer isn’t music to anyone’s ears. We provide fast dryer repair in Minneapolis and surrounding areas so you don’t have to listen to your dryer making loud noise anymore.

dryer service Minneapolis

Our dryer repair techs typically narrow this problem down to one of these common causes:

  • dryer drive belt frayed
  • dryer drum rollers worn out
  • dryer blower wheel obstruction
  • dryer drum bearing worn out

What’s the biggest difference between your oven and your dryer? The inside of one is designed to spin, and for good reason! Leaving your clothes in a dryer that doesn’t spin will cause them to not only dry unevenly, but to become heat damaged in certain areas.

Minneapolis dryer service

Don’t let your favorite garments get burned to a crisp when we can see if the problem is being caused by:

  • dryer belt worn out
  • dryer belt pulley broken
  • dryer drum roller defective
  • dryer drum bearing failure

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