lg washer banging on spin cycle

Why is My LG Washer Making Loud Noise When Spinning?

Rattling, banging or squealing sounds are normal in a house with small children. But what do they mean when the kids are quiet, and the sounds are coming from your washer instead? We’ll help you pinpoint what’s responsible for an LG washer making loud noise, including loose objects in the washtub or defective parts like the tub bearing.

Diagnosing an LG Washer Making Loud Noise When Spinning

A front load washer making noise is the last thing you need in a life already filled with (sometimes unwelcome) sound. We’ll eliminate the guesswork in silencing an LG washer making loud noise when spinning by focusing on the most likely causes. You may even be able to enjoy some peace and quiet when it’s fixed…for a few minutes.

#1. LG Washer is Overloaded or Imbalanced

When you hear an LG washer banging on spin cycle it may be due to overloading or an imbalanced load. Overloading a washer by filling it to the top can make a spin cycle louder. This is because the washer drum has to work harder to spin water from so much clothing.

Meanwhile, washing only a few items or a load of heavy bedding can cause an imbalanced load. These instances create clumps of clothing or bedding that make a loud sound as they fall through a spin cycle. Here are some tips that can prevent an LG washer making loud noise due to overloading or an imbalance:

  • Only fill your washer ¾ of the way full to avoid overloading and overworking your machine
  • Wash bulky items like blankets one at a time
  • Add a few towels to small loads to keep it balanced during a spin cycle

Lastly, many LG washers have a function that self-corrects imbalanced loads, though it may cause louder spin cycles while in use. These louder sounds or vibrations are normal parts of this self-correcting cycle and should stop when it’s complete.

LG washer making loud noise

#2. Check for Loose Objects

Loose objects caught in the washer drum are often responsible for an LG washing machine making noise when agitating. Paper clips and coins that fall out of pockets can easily get caught in a drum hole, resulting in a grinding sound as the drum turns. Loose zippers or belt buckles can also make a loud noise as they repeatedly rotate in the drum.

Before washing clothes we recommend checking pockets, removing loose items and belts, and closing zippers. If a grinding noise persists, check for trapped items in your washer drum holes and carefully remove them.

#3. Worn Tub Bearing

The tub bearing is a small metal bearing on the outside of the washer tub that helps it spin smoothly. Over time, water can seep through the washer drum and rust the bearings, resulting in an LG washer making a grinding noise when spinning.

How to fix it: A worn tub bearing cannot be repaired and requires replacement. Since this is a complex repair, we recommend a professional service.

#4. Broken Drive Pulley

Washers typically use a plastic or metal drive pulley to rotate the drive belt, which enables the washer tub to spin. You’ll notice your LG washer making loud noise when the drive pulley loosens or breaks over time.

How to fix it: While the screws on a loose drive pulley can be tightened to eliminate the noise, a damaged pulley needs to be replaced.

Let the washer repair experts take the stress out of loud washer noises or a washer not filling. Call D&T Appliance Service to restore as much peace and quiet as possible to your home!


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