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Why Your Thermador Oven Smells Bad and How to Fix It

Thermador ovens provide superior cooking power and precision but, like any brand, can fall victim to mysterious odors. What do you do when your Thermador oven smells bad? The smell of burning plastic in a new oven could mean that packing materials are still inside during its first use. Use this troubleshooting guide to determine why your oven smells weird and how to fix it.

Identifying Odor When Your Thermador Oven Smells Bad

While a DIY fix can solve the problem when your Thermador oven smells bad, other odors may require immediate professional action. We’ll identify the most common oven smells and how to eliminate odor quickly and safely.

Why Does My New Thermador Oven Smell Bad?

During its first use, you may notice an unpleasant chemical smell from oven. This odor is most likely due to factory oils that are applied before shipping to protect the interior from scratches. 

Is new oven smell dangerous? While this chemical odor shouldn’t cause harm, it can affect the taste of food. Wiping down the oven’s interior with soap and water before its first use will remove the oils and prevent odor. Setting an empty oven on bake for 15 minutes will also burn off the oils and dissipate the smell.

What Smells Like Burning Plastic in My Oven?

New Thermador oven smells can also include burning plastic if plastic wrapping and zip ties were left inside during its first use. Before using your oven for the first time, check it thoroughly to make sure all packing materials are removed.

Thermador oven smells like gas
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If your Thermador oven smells like burning plastic and it’s not new, check for melted cookware or utensils inside. Plastic pots, pans or cooking utensils that can’t withstand the oven’s heat will melt and burn. While you can wait until the oven cools to scrape off the hardened plastic, you may need to safely clean your oven with vinegar and baking soda to remove lingering stains. Cleaning the glass oven door with our step-by-step guide can also rid it of drips and splashes.

Why Does My Thermador Oven Smell Like Gas?

During its first use, you may notice your Thermador oven smells like gas. When used for the first time, the oven may release a small amount of gas before it ignites. The smell likely won’t last long and should dissipate after a few minutes.

If your Thermador oven smells bad during use and is not new, an odor of gas could suggest a bigger problem. An internal oven leak could be causing the smell and requires immediate attention. Turn the oven off and don’t use it again until it can be professionally assessed. Does your oven smell like gas if it’s off? This odor could indicate a gas leak from the oven’s connection to your home supply and is potentially dangerous. Leave the house immediately and contact your local gas company or repair service to report the leak.

new Thermador oven smells

What Smells Like Sulphur or Rotten Eggs From My Oven?

Unfortunately, if your oven smells like rotten eggs, it usually means a bigger issue is at hand. Mice commonly choose to make their nests in the oven’s warm, insulated interior and can leave a smelly mess behind. If you notice droppings, footprints, or nesting scraps in and around your oven, it’s likely that a rodent infestation is a cause.

When your Thermador oven smells bad from this specific odor, disinfecting and removing it requires particular cleaning techniques. Start by spraying and wiping down the interior with a bleach solution or a commercial cleaner formulated for rodent waste. Running the self-cleaning feature can further eliminate odor and stains. However, only use this function if you’re sure that the oven’s fiberglass insulation is free of waste. The heat from the self-clean setting can otherwise worsen the smell.

D&T Appliance Service can help eliminate oven odor or address any other concern. Schedule your expert Thermador oven repair today.

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