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Clean Between Glass on Oven Door in 6 Easy Steps

After taking the time to make sure your oven is clean on the inside, you’re never going to know it if the glass isn’t clean between the oven door. But how are you supposed to clean between the glass on an oven door?

We’ll take the mystery out of the process so that your oven truly sparkles from the inside out.

How to Clean Between Glass on Oven Door

These six easy steps (and some elbow grease) will get your oven clean between the glass in no time. And for some tips on how to clean INSIDE your oven as SAFELY as possible, read up on some little-known self-cleaning oven dangers.

#1. Prep Your Workspace

When you’re working with glass, its best to cushion its resting place. An oven door glass cleaning session is no exception.

Place a towel on the floor of your work area and make sure that you have ample space around you.

#2. Remove the Door from the Oven

Before attempting to remove the door, consult your oven owner’s manual to see how this is done for your particular oven. Typically the door is removed by opening it at a 75-degree angle, as you might for broiling.

Place your hands on either side of the oven door and lift out of the door hinges. Two pairs of hands could make this task easier for you as the door can be heavy.

clean between glass on oven door
Image Credit: GE Appliances

#3. Prepare Your Cleaning Tools

Fortunately, some basic household tools are all that’s necessary to get those brown stains off oven glass. Wrap a clean dish or hand towel around a yardstick and secure it in place with rubber bands. This is what you’ll actually use to clean in between the glass of the oven door.

Next, mix up your cleaning solution. This is as simple as adding basic liquid dish soap to a bucket of warm water.

oven clean between glass
Image Credit: GE Appliances

#4. Gently Clean Between Glass on Oven Door

Dip your yardstick towel-end first in the bucket of warm soapy water. Insert it into the bottom of the oven door, taking care not to use too much force.

Scrub the stains with the towel-covered end of the yardstick, dipping it in the soapy water as much as necessary to clean between the glass on the oven door. For stubborn stains, allow the cleaning solution to soak in for several minutes before scrubbing.

When you’re done cleaning, replace the towel with a fresh one and dip it in clean warm water to rinse away any remaining soapsuds.

oven door glass cleaning
Image Credit: GE Appliances

#5. Ensure The Oven Door Glass is Dry

Remove the wet towel from your yardstick and replace it with a dry, lint-free cloth. Use the yardstick to dry in between the glass as much as possible.

To ensure that the oven door is dry before you replace it, leave it to air-dry for at least an hour.

#6. Re-attach the Oven Door

To re-attach the oven door, lift the door and hold it at the same 75-degree angle from which you removed it. Lower the door into the oven’s hinges until it locks into place. Test the door to make sure it still opens and closes with ease.

clean between oven door
Image Credit: GE Appliances


Though these steps to clean between glass on an oven door should be all you need to complete your oven cleaning, sometimes even the best-laid plans can go awry. D&T Appliance Service Company is here to help with any kind of oven repair.

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