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Is a malfunctioning appliance disrupting your daily routine? If you’re looking for an expert appliance repair St. Paul, MN company – from a noisy dryer to a malfunctioning fridge – D&T Appliance Service is your go-to solution. Our seasoned technicians bring their expertise right to your doorstep, ensuring your kitchen and laundry appliances are running smoothly.

Expert Appliance Repair Services in St. Paul

For over 15 years, D&T Appliance Service has been a trusted name for St. Paul appliance repair services. Our commitment to excellence is evident in our 5-star customer service, reliable repairs, and transparent pricing. Expect nothing but the best from our courteous and knowledgeable technicians.

Our team is trained in the latest appliance technologies. We are equipped to handle any appliance repair in St. Paul, MN.

As the state's top factory-authorized service center, we stand out for our certification and industry recognition. We are factory authorized for major brands like Viking, Electrolux, Frigidaire, LG, Bosch, Thermador, and many more. We are also a member of the United Appliance Servicers Association.

We understand the urgency of appliance repair problems. That's why we offer prompt, reliable appliance service in Saint Paul, ensuring your appliance repair is addressed quickly without compromising on quality.

St Paul Appliance Repair Brands

We service a wide range of brands in St. Paul, including but not limited to Bosch, LG, Thermador, and Viking. You can trust us to handle any brand with expertise. Our St Paul appliance technicians are factory-authorized, meaning that they receive training and support directly from the manufacturer. Our factory-authorized status also ensures that the cost of your repair is covered by the manufacturer whenever the repair qualifies for warranty service. We are your trusted partner for all your St Paul appliance repair services both in and out of warranty.

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FAQs & Resources

Discover unparalleled appliance repair services with D&T Appliance Service, your trusted appliance service partner.

Got questions? We’ve got answers! Dive into our comprehensive FAQ and Resources section, where we demystify appliance repairs and maintenance for our St. Paul community. This is your go-to guide for all your appliance-related queries, tips, and insights, tailored specifically for the needs of St. Paul neighborhoods.

Absolutely! D&T Appliance Service offers high-quality appliance repair services across the city's diverse neighborhoods. Our team has extensive experience in areas like Highland Park, known for its bustling activity and family-friendly vibe, and the historic Summit Hill, where we maintain the integrity of appliances in both modern and classic homes. We also serve the vibrant downtown area, ensuring that urban living is never disrupted by appliance issues. In Macalester-Groveland, we cater to a mix of students and families, understanding the unique needs of this dynamic community. Our commitment extends to neighborhoods like Frogtown and East Side, where we deliver the same high-quality service, understanding the local nuances of each area. Contact us for dedicated service that appreciates and responds to the specific appliance needs of each St. Paul neighborhood.

We also service areas around St Paul including Woodbury, Oakdale, Maplewood, North St Paul, and more. 

If you need appliance repair Woodbury technicians, call us today for fast service!

The cost of appliance repair in St Paul, MN, can vary widely depending on the appliance type, brand, and repair problem.

Appliance repair companies charge an initial diagnostic fee that typically ranges from $150-$200. This fee covers the cost for a technician to come to your home and provide a full diagnostic and estimate for the repair.

The cost for a complete repair can range from $150-$1,000+ depending on the repair issue.

If you have a warranty, this cost can be significantly lower because the warranty will typically cover parts and or labor. Be sure to check your manufacturer warranty before scheduling service.

The decision to repair or replace an appliance depends on its age, repair cost, replacement cost, and your personal preferences. Typically, standard appliances last 10-15 years, while high-end ones may last 15-20 years. A general rule is that if repair costs exceed 60% of the appliance's purchase price and it's over 10 years old, replacement might be more economical. However, personal preference plays a significant role. For instance, if you have a beloved or rare appliance, it may be worthwhile to repair, regardless of age or cost.

It can be difficult to tell whether a St Paul appliance repair company is reputable or not. There are several companies that pull up when you search for "appliance repair near me," and it can be really hard to choose. Here are a few things to keep in mind when you're scouting for a reputable St Paul appliance repair company:

  1. Verify that the company is factory-certified by a manufacturer and/or a member of major associations and certification programs. At D&T Appliance, we are members of the United Appliance Servicers Association and have factory-service status with many major manufacturers. 
  2. Check the company's online reviews. Ensure the company has at least 4-stars on 3rd party sites like Google, BBB, and Facebook.
  3. Ask your friends and neighbors. A great way to vet a St Paul appliance repair company is to check with your friends a neighbors. First hand experience with a company can go a long way.

St Paul Appliance Service Menu

Welcome to our Service Menu, where exceptional appliance care meets St. Paul's charm! At D&T Appliance Service, we're excited to offer a range of specialized services tailored to keep your home running smoothly.

As a local St. Paul business, we’re deeply connected to every neighborhood in our city. From the historic streets of Summit Hill to the vibrant communities of Frogtown, we ensure every corner of St. Paul receives top-notch appliance service. We take pride in being your neighborhood appliance repair experts, dedicated to serving the unique needs of each St. Paul community.

At D&T Appliance Service, we specialize in refrigerator repair, ensuring your fridge maintains the right temperature to keep your food fresh. Our experienced appliance technicians are well-versed in handling a variety of issues from a refrigerator that won't cool to leaks and loud noises. We offer comprehensive fridge repair services, including a thorough diagnostic, estimate, and complete repair. Whether it's a minor adjustment or a major fix, our team is equipped to provide reliable and efficient service. Trust us for your refrigerator repair in St. Paul.

In the heart of every St. Paul kitchen is a range or oven, essential for both daily meals and special gatherings. At D&T Appliance Service, we understand the urgency of range and oven repairs. Our team specializes in a variety of issues, from inconsistent heating to malfunctioning burners. We handle both gas and electric models, ensuring each repair, whether it's a simple calibration or a complex component replacement, is done with precision. Our technicians are equipped with the expertise to repair high-end ranges like Viking, Thermador, and Bertazzoni. Trust us to keep your cooking appliances in top condition, using a blend of seasoned skills and advanced techniques. With D&T, experience seamless oven and range repair services that cater to the unique culinary needs of the St. Paul community.

A dishwasher is more than a convenience; it's an integral part of modern living in St. Paul. At D&T Appliance Service, we specialize in comprehensive dishwasher repair. Whether it's a leak, a failure to clean dishes properly, or unusual noises, our skilled technicians are ready to tackle any issue. We understand the mechanics and plumbing of various dishwasher brands and models, ensuring a precise and efficient repair process. Our service extends to addressing problems like water not draining, dishes remaining dirty, or issues with the dishwasher's cycle. In St. Paul, rely on us for timely, effective dishwasher repair services that restore the harmony and efficiency of your kitchen routine.

In St. Paul, a well-functioning washing machine is key to managing household chores efficiently. D&T Appliance Service excels in washer repair, addressing common issues like leaks, failure to spin, or unusual noises. Our expertise covers a range of brands and models, ensuring we can swiftly diagnose and fix any problem. Whether it's a front-loader or top-loader, our skilled technicians in St. Paul are adept at providing fast and reliable repairs. We understand the inconvenience of a broken washer and strive to provide quick, effective solutions, restoring your laundry routine to its optimal state with professional washer repair services.
In the bustling city of St. Paul, a malfunctioning dryer can disrupt your daily routine. At D&T Appliance Service, we specialize in dryer repair, tackling common issues like inadequate heating, strange noises, or the dryer not starting. Our experienced technicians in St. Paul are equipped to handle both electric and gas models, ensuring your dryer operates efficiently and safely. We focus on swift, effective repairs, minimizing your inconvenience and extending the life of your appliance. Trust us for reliable dryer repair services, keeping your laundry process smooth and hassle-free.

St Paul Appliance Repair Reviews

When you choose an appliance repair company in Saint Paul, you want to ensure you’re getting the very best service. We understand that. Read reviews from some our our happy customers near you.

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