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How to Organize Your Kitchen Pantry

Whether your pantry is palatial or pocket-sized, planning is key to keeping this storage space in order. Wondering how to organize pantry cabinet space optimally? Make use of the doors by installing adhesive shelves or over-the-door racks for canned goods, food storage bags, and spices. Discover more ways to organize your kitchen pantry and make the best use of this vital kitchen space.

Organize your Kitchen Pantry With These Tips and Tricks

A pantry organization system doesn’t have to be complex or expensive. Using simple supplies, like storage bins and labels, and sticking to a daily maintenance routine can do the trick. These tips detail how to organize your kitchen pantry simply and effectively.

1) Use Organizers

While deep pantry shelving can hold numerous items, that depth can become a disadvantage if you can’t see everything. Organizers can make better use of shelving space and enable you to see all of its contents more easily.

Here are some pantry shelf organizer ideas:

  • Clear plastic canisters: These are ideal for easy viewing of cereals, rice, and grains.
  • Small, stackable bins with front-sided openings: Place these bins on top of each other to make use of the vertical space in between shelving. Group smaller items of similar purpose in each bin (i.e. spices, baking supplies, snacks).
  • Household storage supplies: Recycle items like glass mason jars, pencil holders, and laundry bins or crates into kitchen pantry organizers for beans, canned goods or oils.
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2) Add Labels

As helpful as clear canisters or grouped items can be, it can still be hard to identify some foods by sight. Adding labels to canisters and bins can save time when you’re searching for ingredients and ensure that you grab the right item. Using a label maker or pre-made stickers can be easy and convenient, but simple masking tape and a marker can also get the job done.

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3) Utilize the Extra Door and Wall Space

Don’t forget the doors when evaluating all your pantry cabinet space. Installing over-the-door racks or adhesive shelving on pantry cabinet doors can be one of the most vital small kitchen pantry organization ideas. They’re are ideal for spices, canned goods, food wraps, baggies. Plus, they free up shelving for your larger, boxed items.

If you’re lucky enough to have a larger pantry space with walls, utilize this additional square footage for non-food items. Use hooks to hang mops and brooms or aprons and kitchen towels. Install a bag dispenser to hold grocery bags, keeping them contained and accessible.

kitchen pantry organizers
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4) Add Wheels to Bottom Bins

Crouching and pulling out heavy items, like bags of flour or juice containers, from the pantry floor can lead to messes and injuries. If your pantry has floor space under the lowest shelf, add wheels to bins to create sliding storage. You won’t have to drag the bins to find what you need, and items can be safely accessed from this low space. 

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5) Clean It Out Daily

If your pantry is going to stay in order, it’s going to require a daily investment. Take 10 minutes at the end of every day to organize your kitchen pantry as needed. Wiping down shelves, ensuring labels are visible and restocking empty canisters takes minutes every day, but adds up to hours if done infrequently.

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