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How Much Ice Does a Refrigerator Make & Other FAQs

Now that summer is in full swing you’ll need plenty of ice-cold beverages to stay cool. While your refrigerator can make ice readily available, a lack of production may hamper a hot afternoon. How much ice does a refrigerator make? The average ice maker should produce just over 3lbs per day. Learn what to do to speed up and improve ice production when the summer sun demands optimal performance.

Understanding Ice Production: How Much Ice Does a Refrigerator Make? 

Determining how much ice does a refrigerator make is largely dependent on outside factors like refrigerator maintenance and freezer temperature. Some refrigerators also offer functions that can speed up ice-making when necessary. However, before we answer how to enhance ice production, here’s what you can typically expect from your ice maker.

FAQ #1. How Much Ice a Refrigerator Ice Maker Typically Produces

Most refrigerator ice makers are able to produce a batch of ice every 90 minutes until the ice bin is full. How much ice does a refrigerator make on a typical day? While there’s some variation among refrigerator designs, the average ice maker can  produce 3.5-4lbs per day. If a full glass of ice requires 10-12 cubes, this means a refrigerator ice maker can fill 6-8 glasses each day.

While this may be enough ice for 1-2 people on a typical day, hot weather or entertaining can quickly require more. Here’s how to speed up ice production when needed.

FAQ #2. How to Make Your Ice Maker Produce Ice Faster

The average amount of ice isn’t going to cut it when entertaining or cooling down a large family on a hot day. How can you get ice maker to produce more ice in less time? Check your user manual to determine if your refrigerator has an option to accelerate ice production. This feature can produce almost 50% more ice for up to 48 hours.

Depending on the brand and model, the refrigerator may blow a fan on the ice maker to speed up production. Others may lower the temperature of the entire freezer for a certain amount of time. If your refrigerator has one of these features, it’s usually enabled via a button on the dispenser touch pad. Just keep in mind that your freezer may be several degrees colder while it’s activated.

how much ice does a refrigerator make

FAQ #3. What to Do When Your Ice Maker Doesn’t Make Enough Ice

What can you do if your refrigerator ice maker is too slow to make even a day’s worth of ice? Some simple maintenance may be required to optimize ice production.

Here’s how to get your ice maker to produce more ice:

  • Maintain the correct freezer temperature: Make sure the freezer is set between 0-10℉ for optimal ice production. If the temperature is too cold, ice maker components may not function properly. If it’s too warm, ice production will be slower or stop completely. Keeping the freezer fully stocked can help maintain the right temperature without overworking the refrigerator.
  • Change the water filter: An ice maker not working properly is a common sign of a dirty filter. A clogged water filter will restrict water flow to the ice maker, limiting production. Most refrigerators require filter changes every 6 months for optimal ice production.
  • Check the water line: If the refrigerator ‘s water line is kinked or damaged, the ice maker’s water supply will be restricted, limiting or stopping ice production. Check the line for kinks and, if possible, gently straighten it to restore water flow. If the kink caused damage, the water line must be replaced.

So, how much ice does a refrigerator make? If your answer is still, “Not enough!” D&T Appliance Service can help. Our experts can handle any refrigerator ice maker repair.

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