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Laundry FAQ: Why Is My Dryer Squeaking?

Have you ever noticed how annoying it is to listen to a dryer squeaking? UGH! That squeaky dryer is alerting you to a problem.

Troubleshooting why your dryer is squeaking will keep that impending headache at bay.

Troubleshooting Guide for Dryer Squeaking

We’ve done the footwork for you- check out the FAQ to solve the dryer squeaking mystery.

Are the Dryer Legs Uneven?

What this is: The dryer legs located on the bottom of the appliance are adjustable in order to level the dryer.

How it fails: After much use, the gentle vibrations of the dryer spinning can eventually loosen those legs causing an annoying squeaking sound.

How to diagnose: Inspect the legs underneath the dryer. If one or more has become loose, a quick tightening of the screws should secure the legs and get you back to a delightful silence.

dryer squeaking noise
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Does the Dryer Have Loose Screws?

What this is: Your dryer and its parts are held together by a variety of screws. Usually, screws are tightened securely, but if you have a dryer squeaking loudly you can put your ears to the test to help pinpoint the location of the noise.

How it fails: Vibrations from the dryer can jar the screws loose and create an aggravating sound.

How to diagnose: Listen carefully to determine where the squeaking is coming from so that you or the repairman can tighten or replace (if needed) the screws.

Are the Dryer Drum Bearings Worn Out?

What this is: The drum bearing supports the dryer drum when it spins. The drum bearing should be able to support the weight and spinning motion of the dryer with ease and silence.

How it fails: A dryer squeaking drum bearing indicates the bearings have worn out and are no longer doing their job. This is bound to happen as you dryer ages since dryer usage naturally wears out bearings and parts eventually.

How to diagnose: Take off the dryer belt and attempt to turn the drum. If the drum does not spin easily or it is the dryer squeaking culprit, then it’s time to replace the bearings.

dryer squeaking drum bearing
Image from Sears Parts Direct


Do the Drum Glides Need to be Replaced?

What this is: The drum is supported in the front by glides, A.K.A. slides or pads. These glides do just what they suggest- they help the drum glide along its path smoothly.

How it fails: As most parts do, the glides get worn out over time. Once they are worn out, they make for a squeaky dryer!

How to diagnose: While you’re checking the drum bearings, check the glides. If one of the glides is wearing out, it is best to replace them all.

DIY troubleshooting and dryer maintenance can save you from running out and buying a new dryer! If “handy” isn’t your middle name, then leave it to the professionals- D&T Appliance Service can get it done!

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