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6 Troubleshooting Tips for a Frigidaire Dryer Not Starting

A dryer that doesn’t start can leave you with a pile of wet clothes and a lot of questions. But before you search for the clothespins, there are several possible causes of this common problem. From power issues to motor failure, we’ll troubleshoot the most likely reasons and solutions for a Frigidaire dryer not starting.

Frigidaire Dryer Not Starting? This Could Be Why

Sometimes simple adjustments to your use and care can correct a Frigidaire dryer not starting. These troubleshooting tips help determine a DIY solution or professional repair will solve the problem.

#1- Frigidaire Dryer Not Getting Power

Frigidaire dryer troubleshooting starts with assessing your incoming power. If the dryer isn’t receiving the proper amounts of electricity, it may not be able to start. Here’s how to evaluate potential power issues:

  • Make sure the dryer is properly plugged into a functioning electrical outlet.
  • Avoid using an extension cord to power your dryer. Most cords can’t safely deliver the amount of power the dryer requires.
  • Check your home’s circuit breaker or fuse box for a tripped breaker or blown fuse. Reset any tripped breakers and replace blown fuses.

#2- Incorrect Dryer Settings

If your dryer won’t start but has power, double check your cycle settings. Certain settings may have a delayed start while others, like the Control Lock, will disable any dryer function. Similarly, cycle settings like Air Fluff or Damp Dry use less heat, making it seem like your dryer takes too long to dry clothes. 

Follow these tips to ensure the right drying cycle is enabled:

  • Check your dryer setting, making sure it’s the right cycle for your specific load.
  • If the dryer is locked, hold down the Control Lock button for 5 seconds to disable the lock.
  • Wondering why my dryer won’t start when I push the Start button? Make sure you push and hold the button for 2-5 seconds when starting the dryer. The start function may not engage if the button isn’t held down long enough.

#3- Frigidaire Dryer Door Not Closing Completely

As a safety precaution, the dryer door must be completely closed for the dryer to start. If you find your Frigidaire dryer not starting, make sure the door is not only closed but properly latched.

This latch typically makes an audible clicking sound when it closes. If you don’t hear the click when closing the door or the latch fails multimeter testing, it’s likely defective and needs replacement.

Frigidaire dryer not starting

#4- Blown Dryer Thermal Fuse

A dryer’s thermal fuse is another safety precaution that prevents the dryer from overheating. This fuse is typically located near an electric dryer’s heating element or a gas dryer’s burner. If too much heat is detected, the fuse will blow, and all dryer functions will cease.

 A blown thermal fuse will have no continuity when tested with a multimeter and requires replacement. Unless the thermal fuse is defective, it only blows if the dryer gets too hot. Consequently, we also suggest checking your dryer venting for blockages that can cause overheating.

#5- Defective Dryer Start Switch

When the dryer doesn’t turn on but makes a humming noise when the Start button is pushed, the start switch may be defective. This switch uses an electronic signal to begin a drying cycle when the Start button is engaged. If the start switch exhibits a lack of continuity with multimeter testing, it needs to be replaced.

#6- Failed Dryer Motor

If you still find your Frigidaire dryer not starting after these troubleshooting tips, the dryer motor may have failed. While wear and tear can cause the motor to break down over time, repeated overheating from clogged dryer vents can cause premature failure. When the motor fails, it can’t be repaired and requires replacement. We recommend professional service for this complex job.

my dryer won't start when i push the start button

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