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Some things come as a pair, and you can’t really use one without the other. What would happen if you bought paint for your house but no brushes, or went golfing with clubs but no balls to hit? It wouldn’t be useful just to throw paint cans at your walls, nor would it be fun to hit the links and swing your clubs around in the air at nothing. Similarly, washing a load of clothes without a working dryer isn’t useful. So, if your dryer has failed and you don’t feel like wearing a wet shirt to work tomorrow, call D&T for dryer repair Bloomington service.

Is your dryer taking several cycles to fully dry your clothes, or worse, is it no longer heating at all? That’ definitely a problem for you, but not for our accomplished dryer repair Bloomington technicians! Our techs are highly-trained with years of experience in the field working on every make, model, and configuration of dryer on the market.

With D&T Appliance Service, you’re guaranteed to receive the best in-home service experience you’ve ever had. Not only are our technicians continually training and keeping up to date with cutting-edge appliance technology and features, but they’re supported by the industry’s premier support staff and the best warranty in the business. For dryer repair Bloomington, make the smart choice and go with the region’s most outstanding appliance repair Bloomington company.

Whether you’re in need of dryer repair Bloomington service, or if you have any questions about our other appliance repair services, we’re here to help.

Give our office a call at (952) 934-5522 or request service online. Our customer service representatives and dryer repair technicians are standing by to take care of you!

Dryer Brands We Repair

D&T Appliance Service repairs many dryer brands. We work on many major and high-end brands, including Bosch, Frigidaire, GE, and more. We also service additional dryer brands, such as Whirlpool, Maytag, Amana, and others. Learn more about appliance brands we service.

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Dryer Repair Bloomington Services

Our experience is second to none, and our technicians can repair any common or uncommon issues your dryer might develop.

When a problem enters your life that needs fixing, finding the right person to do the job can be challenging, and even scary. After all, when it comes to in-home service, you have to be certain that you’ve hired a competent, honest, respectful company. Have no fear though, D&T is here to rescue your broken dryer and save the day!

Our reputation as a trustworthy, first-rate service company is due to our commitment to our customers and our community. That’s what makes us the only choice for your dryer repair Bloomington service. Just take a look at our outstanding customer testimonials and awards, including the Angie’s List Super Service Award! We strive every day to achieve our goal — to provide you with the fastest, highest quality, most affordable appliance repair Bloomington service possible.

Whether you own a gas dryer, electric dryer, steam dryer, high-efficiency dryer, or stacked unit, call D&T Appliance Service today and get out of those wet clothes already!

  • Dryer isn’t heating
  • Dryer won’t complete a cycle
  • Defective gas valve
  • Dryer takes too long to dry
  • Dryer smells bad
  • Damaged power cord
  • Dryer isn’t spinning
  • Dryer is noisy
  • Dryer vent is clogged

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Dryer Expert Advice

What do your car, your cell phone, and your dryer all have in common? They instantly become useless hunks of metal and plastic when they break down and can no longer do the one thing they were built for.

Bloomington Samsung dryer repair

So when you discover a lukewarm pile of soggy clothes in your dryer after a full cycle, it’s time to find out if one of these issues is causing the problem:

  • Defective thermal fuse
  • Heater element has failed
  • Faulty control board
  • Gas valve failure
  • Broken igniter

We have a big problem with taking things for granted, especially the devices and machines that we rely on yet have no idea how they work. When you turn your car keys, you expect the engine to start up! So when you try to start a load in the dryer but nothing happens, one of these common problems might be the cause:

  • Start switch has failed
  • Timer is defective
  • Control board malfunction
  • Broken thermal fuse
  • Door switch is broken

Of all your major home appliances, your dryer was never exactly the quietest to begin with. If you’ve ever lived in an apartment with laundry appliances, you know that the tv and dryer cannot be on at the same time unless you want your neighbors to hate you. So when your dryer starts making an even louder noise, it’s noticeable, so check for these issues:

  • Drum bearing is worn out
  • Drive motor is defective
  • Faulty drum rollers
  • Drive belt is damaged
  • Broken idler pulley

Just like your washer, your dryer needs to be able to spin for your clothes to dry evenly. If your dryer drum stops spinning though, you’ll end up with a pile of clothes like a half-baked cake; crispy on the outside and soggy on the inside. Take a look at these problems we see frequently, and call us for your dryer repair Bloomington service today!

  • Drive motor is overheating
  • Control board failure
  • Belt is broken
  • Drum rollers are worn out
  • Drum glides have deteriorated

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