ice from LG refrigerator ice maker tastes bad

LG Refrigerator Ice Tastes Bad? This Could Be Why…

All you want on a hot summer day is fresh ice cubes. You take a sip from your cold drink, and… yuck! You find out your LG Refrigerator ice tastes bad.

But what causes an ice maker making bad ice? Luckily, there are a few reasons you can investigate and possibly fix on your own.

Top 4 Reasons Your LG Refrigerator Ice Tastes Bad

Stale or Old Ice Cubes Left in Bin

Why it’s a problem: Yes, as odd as it sounds, ice can go bad. While not an urgent issue, it’s still undesirable. If you’ve left the ice in your freezer ice bin unused for too long, it will absorb the smells from stored food. The result is the ice from LG refrigerator ice maker tastes bad issue.

How to fix it: The only way to remedy the situation is to dump the old ice and let the ice machine make fresh, new ice. As an extra measure, remove the ice bin, wash with soapy water, and let it dry before replacing it.

Refrigerator Water Filter Needs to Be Changed

Why it’s a problem: Often, your LG refrigerator ice tastes bad because of a dirty water filter. If it gets clogged, you’ll have more problems than just bad tasting ice. Leave an old filter for too long, and you’ll find your ice maker not working at all.

How to fix it: Depending on your home water supply quality and how often you use the water and ice from your fridge, change the filter every six months. Each model varies, so the owner’s manual for your specific LG model will tell you how to replace the filter.

LG Refrigerator Ice Taste Bad
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Water Supply to Home is Bad

Why it’s a problem: Sometimes the cause has nothing to do with your refrigerator. City water quality can vary widely, and can even change depending on the season. Minerals and debris in lower quality water can actually clog up the system, in addition to making your ice taste bad.

How to fix it: Change the water filter more often. Usually, it’s recommended to change the filter every six months. However, if the water quality in your area is low, consider changing it more often.

Food In Freezer Not Sealed Properly

Why it’s a problem: If your LG refrigerator ice tastes bad AND the ice smells bad, there’s probably some pungent, unsealed food somewhere in your freezer. This makes your ice unpleasant on two levels!

How to fix it: Check to make sure everything in your freezer is sealed properly. Once that’s done, throw out the smelly ice and let your ice maker whip up some clean, odorless ice.

If your troubleshooting still leaves you with funky tasting ice, call D&T Appliance Service for refrigerator and ice maker repair in Minneapolis.

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