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Traditional Minneapolis BBQ Recipes & Dishes

Get ready to barbecue on Memorial Day in Minneapolis!  Our techs have put together the top 5 Minneapolis BBQ recipes for you to get your hands on.  Whether you like sweet or savory, ribs or chicken, you’ll want to dig in and get your hands dirty with these mouth-watering recipes.  Let’s get started on these famous Minnesota foods!

Best Traditional Dishes in Minneapolis

There are some famous Minnesota foods that are a cut above the rest. If you’re planning a Memorial Day BBQ, why not feature of our traditional dishes to accompany your BBQ? Check out our top 4 favorite Minneapolis traditional dishes.


Booyah is a tradition in the northeastern parts of the United States. If you endeavor to ignite your own booyah tradition at home, plan a couple of days to savor the process and make it worthwhile.  You can read about this Booyah tradition and get tips and tricks here, compliments of afarmgirlsdabbles.com.booyah famous minneapolis dish

Photo Credit: Farmgirl’s Dabbles.


Another tradition common in Minneapolis is a tasty Hotdish.  Perhaps thought to be a casserole, this Hotdish is comprised of a starch, meat, veggies, and canned soup- the most coveted is topped with tater tots!  Here’s a great recipe for Hotdish with tater tots.

minnesota hot dishPhoto Credit: @butenhok

Juicy Lucy

Juicy Lucy is the only way to have a Minnesota burger!  This recipe promises that the American Cheese, sauteed mushrooms, and onions may become your new obsession.  Thank you, Cooking Mama, for this fabulous Juicy Lucy recipe contribution.  

Wild Rice – A Midwest Staple

Wild rice- these ancient grains are a staple in the Midwest.  Whether you’re visiting Minnesota or a native in Minneapolis, you’ll find wild rice – the grain of Minnesota, to be a family favorite for your Memorial Day feast.  Here are some wild rice recipes that you’ll enjoy for years to come.

Best BBQ Sauce Recipes

When it comes to southern BBQ, a tasty sauce is a MUST. Check out four delicious Minnesota BBQ sauce recipes:

Dr. Pepper BBQ Sauce

We wouldn’t dream of having an all-American barbecue without some frosty cold beverages… so why not include in our sauce?  This southern sauce using our trusty friend, Dr. Pepper, has everyone coming back for more. Make sure you’ve got plenty for seconds!  You can find Elizabeth Karmel’s Dr. Pepper Barbecue Sauce recipe here.

minneapolis bbq recipes

Demon Pig’s Famous Sauce

Ready for grilling and just need the sauce?  Try Demon Pig’s award-winning barbecue sauce.  The mild version is a safe favorite, but you fiesty tigers will love the BBQ Sauce and Rubs that Demon Pig has perfected.  Check out Demon Pig’s famous products and recipes here.

Blackberry Chipotle Sauce

Looking for a non-traditional barbecue sauce this year?  You’ll feel the heat with the Down Under Blackberry Chipotle sauce.  This ketchup-based sauce blazes its own trail with a not too spicy heat.  This sauce would be perfect for beef ribs or a crock of lil’ smokies.

Surly BBQ Sauce

Saving the best for last, Memorial Day in Minneapolis wouldn’t be the same without this delicious recipe from the Surly Brewing Co. that they use with their famous Brisket Sandwich.  Fire up the grill and slather it on, because this will your attention! Find the Surly BBQ Sauce recipe of the month here.

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