Refrigerator Runs Constantly

Why Does My Refrigerator Run Constantly?

Few appliance issues are more annoying than when your refrigerator runs constantly. Listening to a loud humming or grinding noise will get on your nerves quickly, but luckily, diagnosing the problem yourself is actually fairly simple.

Why Your Refrigerator Runs Constantly

There are only a handful of part failures that can potentially be the cause when your refrigerator runs constantly. Start by inspecting these components to locate the malfunction.

Dirty Condenser Coils

The first thing to check if your refrigerator runs constantly is if your condenser coils are dirty. They’re usually located behind or underneath the refrigerator and are used to dissipate heat.

As dirt builds up over time though, the coils will have to work harder to cool, which will force your refrigerator to keep cooling continuously. Clean your coils once or twice per year to avoid cooling issues.

Refrigerator Runs Loud

Broken Condenser Fan Motor

In order for your refrigerator’s condenser to get cold, it relies on a fan motor to draw air over it. If the condenser fan stops working, the coils won’t cool, and the unit will keep running to compensate.

Access the fan motor from behind your refrigerator and test it by moving the blade with your hands. If it doesn’t turn freely, replace the part.

Defective Evaporator Fan Motor

Refrigerators use an evaporator fan motor to circulate the cold air coming from the coils throughout your refrigerator. Without it, cold air won’t make its way into the fresh food section.

If the fan is starting to fail or is completely dead, it will force your refrigerator to keep cooling non-stop. Inspect and replace the motor as needed.

Refrigerator compressor doesn't turn off
Image from Sears Parts Direct

Door Gasket Damaged

Both the freezer and fresh food sections of your refrigerator rely on door gaskets to seal shut and keep cold air in. A torn, warped, or physically damaged gasket will prevent a tight seal from forming when the door closes.

Without a complete seal, cold air will begin to escape whichever compartment has the defective gasket. Thoroughly inspect your door gaskets and change them out if you find any defects.

Compressor Malfunction

Your refrigerator’s compressor is the beating heart of the sealed system which cools the unit. If your refrigerator compressor doesn’t turn off though, the noise can get on your nerves quickly.

Sealed system repairs are very complex though. Listen to your compressor, and if it’s why your refrigerator runs constantly, you should call an experienced local servicer right away.

Luckily, our D & T Appliance refrigerator repair service is the best in the business, so call us for all of your refrigerator repair needs.

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