Oven Gets Too Hot

What to Do When Your Oven Gets Too Hot

Have you noticed your roast coming out charred or your cookies baking too quickly? There’s a chance your oven is getting too hot. And when this happens, you’ll want to figure out what’s going wrong. Understanding why your oven gets too hot can help you diagnose and rectify the issue before your next meal gets ruined.

How and Why Your Oven Gets Too Hot

It’s not uncommon for ovens to have temperature irregularities. Often, they can swing by 25 degrees or so. But when your oven gets too hot, consistently or suddenly, it’s typically a sign of a more severe problem. Let’s delve into some of the common issues that can make your oven run too hot.

Faulty Oven Thermostat

A thermostat regulates the oven temperature. It’s a bit like the conductor of an orchestra, keeping everything running smoothly. If it malfunctions, the oven can become an uncontrolled, heat-blasting chaos.

Causes: Thermostats can fail due to wear and tear over time. Power surges or electrical disruptions can also cause damage.

Fixes: Check if your oven’s temperature matches the thermostat. Use an oven thermometer to see if there’s a discrepancy. If the temperature is way off, you may need to recalibrate the thermostat. You can usually do this by following the instructions in your oven manual. If recalibration doesn’t work, the thermostat might need to be replaced.

what are the symptoms of a bad oven thermostat

Blocked Vents

Proper airflow is crucial for maintaining oven temperature. If the fans aren’t working correctly or if the vents are blocked, hot air can get trapped, and your oven can quickly turn into an unintentional inferno.

Causes: So, your vents could be playing host to grease, rogue food bits, or even a piece of foil that strayed. Over time, these little intruders could bring friends like dust and other gunk, and voila, you’ve got a blockage.

Fixes: Okay, before you do anything, make sure your oven’s cool and unplugged. You’re not going in blind – use a flashlight to see if anything’s hanging out in your vents. Spot a blockage? A wire brush can be your best buddy to gently coax out any loose stuff. For stickier situations, a non-abrasive cleaner and a soft cloth should do the trick. Remember, dry everything out after to keep the rust away.

Defective Heating Element

The heating elements in your oven are the key sources of heat. When these go haywire, your oven gets too hot or may not heat at all. You may also notice a burning smell from your oven.

Causes: Over time, heating elements can wear out, warp, or even break, causing them to overheat.

Fixes: First, check if the elements are glowing red. If they’re brighter than usual, or if they’re red even on a low setting, this indicates a problem. Replacement is the most common fix here. Make sure to unplug your oven before attempting to replace an element, and follow your oven’s manual to find the replacement part and the instructions.

why is my oven suddenly burning everything

Broken Oven Sensor

The oven sensor helps control the oven’s heat. But if it’s broken, it might not signal the thermostat correctly, causing your oven to run hot and resulting in burnt or uneven cooking.

Fixing the Issue

You’ll need a technician to check the oven sensor’s resistance. If it’s faulty, it’s time for a replacement, which should be done by a professional.

Malfunctioning Oven Control Board

What to do if your oven runs hot still? It could be an issue with the oven control board. The oven control board keeps everything running smoothly and runs your oven. But if it goes haywire, your oven might start behaving like a furnace.

Fixing it

A malfunctioning control board isn’t something you can easily fix. Best to leave this task to the pros.

It’s possible to fix quite a few issues that cause your oven to get too hot. But remember safety first.  If you’re unsure, better to reach out to professionals rather than risk injury or more damage.  We’re here at D&T Appliance Service, always ready to jump in. If your oven gets too hot despite your efforts, we’ve got your back for any oven repairs you may need.

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