How to Wash a Down Jacket in Your Washing Machine

Winter in the Twin Cities is no joke and there’s nothing like a good down jacket to keep you warm outside. Do snowy outdoor activities leave you wondering how often to wash down jacket? We recommend washing it twice a year, with a little TLC. We’ll review some steps for how to wash a down jacket from what type of washing machine to use to the best drying methods.

 Caring for Cold Weather Gear: How to Wash a Down Jacket at Home

Can you machine wash a down jacket at home? You can, but we suggest using a front-load washer or a top-loader without an agitator to lessen the risk of damage to your coat. Our additional tips for how to wash a down jacket will help preserve its unique insulating capability through many Minnesota winters!

Things You’ll Need:

  • Stain remover (if you choose)
  • Down wash
  • Front load washer (or a top loader without an agitator)
  • Dryer
  • Tennis balls (or similar)

Step 1. Pre-Treat Stains

If your jacket has any longstanding stains, pre-treating prior to washing increases the chance they come clean. You can pretreat with a stain remover or just the down wash.

Pour a little stain remover or down wash directly on the stain, rub it in and allow it to sit for at least 30 minutes.

Step 2. Fill Your Washing Machine

Knowing how to wash your down jacket in the washer begins by using a warm water cycle. We also suggest using this down wash instead of regular detergent, which can leave residue on the down and possibly strip away its insulating oils.

While the directions on your down wash will suggest the proper amount to use, we suggest using the least recommended amount to limit the effects of soapy residue.

how to wash a down jacket
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Step 3: Run Your Washer’s Gentle Cycle

Before adding your jacket to the washer we suggest turning it inside out, zipping any zippers and fastening snaps or buttons. Add the recommended amount of down washer and set your washer on a gentle cycle to lessen any damage to the delicate down filling. Allow the cycle to run to completion.

Step 4: Run a Second Rinse Cycle

Yes, we know this is an extra step. But a second rinse cycle with just water and no down wash helps ensure that all the soap is removed.

Step 5: Put Your Down Jacket in the Dryer

Regarding how to dry a down jacket, we advise using a low heat setting. Though it may take a couple of hours for your jacket to dry completely, low and slow is best for its delicate fabric. To prevent the down from clumping while drying, place at least clean three tennis balls in the dryer with your jacket.

how to dry a down jacket
Image Credit: Clever Hiker

Step 6: Fluff Your Down Jacket

To further keep the down from clumping, pause the drying cycle every 15-30 minutes to gently shake out your jacket. This will redistribute the down with any clumping lessening as the jacket dries.

Make sure your jacket is fully dry before packing it away for the season. Compressing wet down could lessen its insulating capabilities. When hanging a down jacket, take care to place it in a clean dry spot with adequate space.

Our tips for how to wash a down jacket will help preserve this important piece of cold weather gear. And if washing your down jacket reveals a washer water level too low, or another need for a washer repair, D&T Appliance Service is here to help!

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