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Best Viking Refrigerators 2018

If you are looking for luxury kitchen brand appliances, be sure to include Viking at the top of your list. Viking refrigerators are among the best high-end appliances, and for good reason. Viking offers superior quality, rigorous testing, and features that every home and professional chef requires. We’ve done the footwork for you in creating a list of the best Viking refrigerators in 2018 because we service Viking appliances and know them well.

Best Viking Refrigerators 2018

Whether you’re looking for built-in refrigerators, freestanding refrigerators, or wine cellars, Viking has what you need! With easy to read digital controls, Blue Zone Fresh Preservation system, and dual compressor systems, the best Viking refrigerators of 2018 are innovative and are backed by the best warranty around. Let’s look at why Viking is considered one of America’s most beloved brands.

Built-In Refrigeration

One of Viking’s newest refrigerators is the Fully-Integrated Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator. At a respectable 36″, this refrigerator has all the features you could want and need, including capacitive touch controls with intuitive user interface, internal water dispenser, large capacity ice production, and spill proof shelves. Part of the Viking Professional 7 Series, this beautiful unit comes in seven exclusive color finishes for your pleasure.

Another popular Viking refrigerator is the Side-by-Side Refrigerator/Freezer. This unit is from the Viking Professional 5 Series and features quality temperature management with digital readout, the quietest compressor available, and humidity controlled drawers to keep produce at its best. The new additional space in this unit is roomy enough to handle large pizza box storage!

viking integrated refrigeratorFreestanding Refrigeration

Among the best Viking refrigerators is the French Door Bottom Freezer, and this freestanding refrigerator has a lot to offer! The french door model opens wide to reveal a quality air purification system, Cold Zone drawer, and a self-closing freezer drawer. The premium air purification system effectively prevents odor transfer from within the compartments. The inventive Cold Zone drawer has separate temperature controls allowing you to set the temperature for either produce or long-term meat storage. This refrigerator will integrate with existing surroundings with its cabinet-depth design and will alert you if you’ve accidentally left the door ajar for too long.

viking refrigerator reviewsUndercounter Refrigeration

Viking offers a unique way to have extra refrigerator space without losing excess cabinet space. With an undercounter refrigerator, you gain the extra food and beverage storage in a handy and convenient way. With double stacked drawers, you can easily make food and drink accessible without intruding on your kitchen space. Even children can get what they need, and with the Close Door Assist, you won’t have to worry about the refrigerator staying open by mistake. Here are a few popular undercounter refrigeration options:

Refrigerated Drawers

  • Specially designed with a zero-clearance fit with adjoining cabinetry
  • Integrated digital controls with rapid cool down and temperature stability
  • Close Assist gently and automatically closes drawers
  • Vacation mode conserves energy when not in use
  • Holds up to 130 (12oz) cans

Glass Door

  • Dynamic Cooling Technology
  • Superior temperature stability with integrated controls
  • Thermal efficient cabinet
  • UV resistant door to protect wine from UV light damage
  • Convertible shelf with wine rack option
  • Solid door option available

Beverage Center

  • Stores up to 19 wine bottles
  • Stores up to 108 (12oz) cans
  • Dynamic Cooling Technology
  • Superior temperature stability with integrated controls
  • Thermal efficient cabinet
  • Multiple settings for vacation mode, energy conservation, wake/sleep programs, and lock mode to prevent unintentional changes to settings
  • Fully adjustable shelving system
  • Audible and visual alarms to alert when door is ajar, protecting food integrity

best viking refrigeratorsWine Cellars

Viking offers a beautiful full-height wine cellar. With 3 independent temperature zones, you can ensure wines will be at optimal serving temperature. Flexible storage options allow preservation of up to 150 bottles that vary in size. UV resistant glass protects your wine from damage, and the interior lighting is gentle yet dramatically displays your collection beautifully. And of course, you can leave your cares behind knowing that your collection is protected and connects to your home security system.

viking refrigeration reviewNo matter which refrigeration system you choose, you’ll find the best Viking refrigerators listed here and are verified by countless testimonials singing Viking’s praises. You can read a variety of Viking refrigerator reviews here. Viking has outstanding customer support and stands behind their products. Should you encounter a need for Viking repair and service, contact D&T Appliance Service in Minneapolis and let our factory authorized technicians solve the problem.

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