best kitchen appliance brand 2018

The Best Kitchen Appliance Brand 2018

With so many different appliance brands to choose from, how can you know that you’re getting the best product at the best value? You need appliances that you can rely on and trust, which is why we’ve compiled this list Best Kitchen Appliance Brand 2018 list.

Our list will give you a great starting place when you’re looking to purchase new appliances for your home. We’ve chosen the products from the most reliable kitchen appliance brand as well as the least serviced kitchen appliance brand.

Best Kitchen Appliances in Minneapolis 2018


Since 1987, Viking has been creating beautiful, high-quality ranges and stovetops. Over the years, they’ve expanded to produce refrigerators, dishwashers, ovens, and more. Their innovative appliances have been a favorite of commercial chefs, as well as home chefs, keeping them on top of the best kitchen appliance brand list.

Viking remains one of the most reliable kitchen appliance brands and is well respected in the industry as one of the best. Whether you’re looking for an oven with French doors, a new ventilation hood, or a sleek new refrigerator, Viking will be a welcome addition to your home.


Thermador has been a staple in kitchens across America since 1916 and has redefined many appliances over the years. Their 2018 line features completely customizable refrigerators, completely changing the way you’ll store your favorite foods.

With customizable front panels, you can seamlessly blend your refrigerator with your existing cabinetry. The inside of the fridge can be customized with your own combination of shelves and delicate produce bins.

Thermador offers exceptional innovation with all of their products, which makes them one of the best kitchen appliance brands available.

least serviced kitchen appliance brand 2018


For the tech-savvy home, Bosch blends technology with traditional appliances allowing you to integrate your kitchen into your smart home setup. Their Home Connect app lets you control and monitor your appliances from your smartphone or tablet for added convenience and security.

Bosch received a perfects core on for their 800 series dishwashers in 2017. They stand out as one of the least serviced kitchen appliance brands in our list this year. Rely on Bosch for innovative smart products that will function beautifully with your home.

most reliable kitchen appliance brand


Electrolux has been consistently ranked as the second largest appliance brand in the world. Their products are reliable, beautiful, and always innovative.

For 2018, they’ve released an incredible 30” freestanding range with Perfect Taste convection features that will give you perfect results every time. There is also a temperature probe feature that monitors your roast and automatically adjusts the heat to a warm setting when the meat has reached the desired temperature.

For high-quality products at an incredible value, trust Electrolux, one of the best kitchen appliance brands on the market.

best appliance brand in minneapolis


LG has always offered stunning, innovative products. They have won more J.D. Power awards than any other manufacturer, and feature cutting edge technology in all of their products.

Link your appliances to your smart home with their proprietary SmartThinQ technology. See what’s in your refrigerator without opening the door and letting out the cool air with their Instaview series.

There’s always something new to see from LG. If you’re looking for high tech, flashy appliances, look no further than LG.

best kitchen appliance brand lg

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