best cooking classes in the twin cities

Best Cooking Classes in the Twin Cities

Spending your time watching cooking shows is fun, but why not take it a step further and take a cooking class? We know of some of the best cooking classes in the Twin Cities. So get off the couch, step into the kitchen, and get cooking!

Guide to the Best Cooking Classes in the Twin Cities

The team at D&T Appliance Service has a list of the cooking classes to help get you inspired. Take a look at what we’ve found!

Minneapolis Cooking Classes

Handmade Pasta

The only thing better than fresh, handmade pasta is STUFFED fresh pasta! The best cooking classes in the Twin Cities always include some good ol’ comfort food. Learn to make fresh pasta dough, use a machine to roll it out, and stuff it with delectable, fresh ingredients.


This class smells a little fishy… Discover the language of the sushi world as you learn the fundamentals of making your own in this sushi class in Minneapolis! Learn about a variety of fresh fish and how to properly select and enjoy the perfect seafood for your sushi-making lifestyle.

Fresh Market Fare

This is one of the best cooking classes in the Twin Cities! Fun and interactive, this course combines a cooking class and show in one. Kick it off with a champagne cocktail and appetizers, then take a tour of the Midtown Global Market where each team will cook a dish based on their own inspiration! Shop for fresh ingredients, don your apron, and get cookin’!

  • Cooking the Market
  • Midtown Global Market- 920 E Lake St.
  • $100
  • Class details
best cooking classes in the twin cities
Photo Credit: Eater Twin Cities

St. Paul Cooking Classes

Cajun Creole

Let’s get into Mardi Gras style! If you love those Louisiana classics, this is the class for you. Learn to cook favorites such as Crawfish Etouffee, Bananas Foster, and more with this Cajun cooking class in St. Paul!

Thai Food

Chef Supenn Harrison shares her culinary expertise with this fantastic series of Thai cooking classes. One of the best cooking classes in the Twin Cities, you will learn Thai favorites including Pad Thai and various spring rolls. Cultural information, anecdotes, and recipes are all part of the experience.

  • Sawatdee
  • Sawatdee Thai Restaurant, 607 Washington Ave.
  • $65/class or $120/series
  • Class details

Tropical Fare

There’s nothing better to chase the winter blues away than an escape to the tropics. Tropical food is at the top of the best cooking classes in the Twin Cities. So grab your sunglasses and head to this tropical getaway where you’ll learn to cook up three tasty tropical treats!


best cooking classes in st paul
Photo Credit: Louisiana Travel


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