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Appliance Repair Service In South Hopkins, Minnesota

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Kind and prompt appliance service

The best appliance repair company in Minnesota!

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Repair service on all major brands

And a wide range of appliance types!

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A team of experienced appliance technicians

Our appliance specialists are factory-certified for many brands

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Appliance Repair in South Hopkins, Minnesota

Repair service on all major brands and a wide range of appliance types.

D & T Appliance was founded in January 2002 . We started our company with the intentions of providing a professional service experience to the customer; this “professional service” starts with the individual who takes the original incoming call from the customer, answering the call promptly, setting up the service call in a timely manner and then servicing the product when we said we would be there. It seems that this type of service experience was missing from our marketplace as we have since added 13 employees (8 full time technicians on the road and 1 shop technician; there are 6 customer service representatives, not including ownership). Our company is also the only Nationally Certified Service Center in Minnesota. In April of 2008 we expanded and opened a branch in Rochester, MN. There are a total of 3 employees, 2 of which are technicians working the Rochester service area. We specialize in the premium appliances as well as standard appliances.

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Appliance service in South Hopkins and Edina, Minnesota

Appliance Repair in South Hopkins, Twin Cities and Rochester

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Appliance Repair

At D&T Appliance Service, we are factory-authorized to repair and service many brands. We are also qualified to assist with any repair on lots of other brands of appliances.

Appliance Parts

Need an appliance part? We will gladly give a hand to people who want to try to fix their appliance on their own. Call our special parts line at 1-877-362-5069

Service Area

Everyone in Twin Cities, Rochester, and South Hopkins areas deserves quality appliance repair. See details for our service area.

Awards and Associations

When you're always providing high-end service, being recognized for it is incredible.


Because we provide you with top-of-the-line appliance repair service and our technicians are certified, we can guarantee the quality of their work.


Our team is fully certified in order to deliver top quality appliance repair service as the industry and your needs evolve.

Various Tips

D&T Appliance Repair provides clarification on different topics.

  • "It's not always about simply repairing your appliance. Issues have to be understood."

    Appliance FAQ

  • "Refrigerators require regular cleanings, especially for condenser coils."

    Refrigerators Tips

  • "Dishwashers require more care than most other home appliances."

    Dishwashers Tips

  • "Freezers are important for long-term food storage. Make sure they're working properly."

    Freezers Tips

  • "Deciding on repairing or replacing your appliance can be hard."

    Fix or Nix

  • "A common question we get is:''Do I really need service?'' "

    Appliance Maintenance

Appliance Types and Brands

High Quality Appliance Repair

Our aim is to deliver top quality service to each and every customer. Our greatest reward is when satisfied customers recommend us to friends and relatives.

Our Most Popular Brands

Some of the brands for which we provide daily assistance to our customers.

  • Electrolux
  • Frigidaire
  • Whirlpool
  • General Electric
  • Sub-Zero
  • KitchenAid

Our team

Each and every member of our team is chosen carefully. As we want to give you the best, we only hire the best!

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We are often recommended for the quality, promptness and kindness of our service. Find out why by booking an appointment today.

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Visit our website regularly to find out about our current promotions.

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  • Condenser Cleaning Special

    99,95 $ Cleaning

    • When was the last time you cleaned your Sub-Zero condenser coil? Did you know Sub-Zero recommends vacuuming your condenser every 3-6 months? We are running a Condenser Cleaning Special! Now ONLY $99.95 (Regular Price $140)
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    • Receive $10 OFF for your next service call. Click above to print the coupon.
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    • Call us to find out our ongoing promotions on preventive maintenance.
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